Opening A Landscaping Business? 4 Ways A Business Attorney Can Help You

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Opening a new business is exciting, but you need to make sure everything is done correctly. To be sure of this, one person you could hire is a business attorney. This type of attorney can help you out with many situations that may come up, four of which are listed below. 

Help with Payment Problems

Because you run a landscaping business, you likely get paid per project. If you do the work and your client fails to pay you on time or will not pay you at all, you need to contact at attorney. They could simply send your client a letter telling them of the legal implications of them not paying you. In many cases, this will be enough for you to collect your money. If they still will not, the attorney can help you file a lawsuit against the client.

Help You Establish Your Business's Legal Entity

When you first start your business, you must decide what kind of business to be, such as if you want to be sole proprietorship or a limited liability partnership.

Many businesses choose a sole proprietorship for their business. With this, you are the sole person that is responsible for everything, such as your company's debts and profits. If you have a partner, you need to choose a limited liability partnership. There are two types of partnerships. With one, you and your partner share the landscaping business equally. Another type is when a person only contributes to the business and receives only part of the profit.

Your business attorney can help you choose the right legal entity so you can start your business out on the right foot.

Help You with Legal Documents

When you first start your business, you will have many legal documents to fill out. Some of these documents include:

The business attorney can go over each of these legal documents with you in detail so you can be sure you are doing everything correctly.

Help You with Taxes

When it comes to tax time, things can get very difficult for you. For example, you have to take into consideration your employees' taxes and W2s, as well as the tax you will have to pay for your business. There are also likely deductions that you can take off to help you save money. A business attorney that specializes in tax law can help you with all of this. This will ensure you pay the IRS the correct amount.

Your business attorney can go over other things they can help you with so you can have a successful business. Contact a law firm like Strauss Troy to learn more.